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In a collaboration with friend and fellow designer Margit Schroeder and M A R K E T S T U D I O S, an interior update for the agency's offices in a 1930s Kontorhaus was created for the Hamburg-based creative agency la red. Together with Roomservice, W F I and Stefan Mosebach the project was realised. 


A second level of use was created in the large assembly room "Aula". Here, various unconventional workplaces have been created, where together or with the computer on the lap, the open space or the view of the bustling "Schanze" inspires inspiration. The monochrome colour scheme combines different surfaces, materials and furniture.


Cosy spaces have been created for the offices, which are meant for a change of perspective, for working collaboratively or for mini-meetings. There is a counter with a view, a stacking sideboard, a sundowner seat and a private confi in the head office, which is screened off from agency life by a heavy curtain if necessary.


A working environment has been created where people feel comfortable, reflecting the agency's vibrant and creative identity.


Pics by Brita Sönnichsen

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